GMU Attended the 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week Study in China(Guizhou) Education Exhibition

From April 19th, Chen Miner,secretary of Guizhou Provincial Committee of the CPC and Chairman of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial People's Congress, was leading the delegation to South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam for carrying out economic,trade and education exchange and cooperationin economic,trade and education. As Guizhou MedicalUniversity (GMU) is the member of branch delegation of education, the GMU delegation headed by president He Zhixu himself attended the 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week Study in China (Guizhou) Education Exhibition held in South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam.


   President He Zhixu is giving an introduction of the exhibition of GMU to secretary Chen Miner,Chinese Ambassador to ROK Qiu Guohong and president Kyung-Hee of ChoiEwha womens university.



 President He Zhixu is introducing the exhibition of GMU to Secretary Chen Miner in Vietnam.

GMUdelegation visited universities andhigh schools of South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam. During the exhibition in Cambodia, GMU led the Zunyi Medical College, Guiyang Chinese Medicine College and other colleges to visit Cambodia International University. In the whole exhibition,president He Zhixu attended the brief sessions on behalf of GMU holding respectively in three countries and had talks with universities main leaders in three countries and finally reached agreements and signed inter-school cooperation with three universities of South Korea and Cambodia. Those exhibitions are fully showing the character and development status of GMU. The secretary Chen Miner,accompanied by the leader group of Department of Education of Guizhou Province and Foreign Affairs Department of Guizhou Province, came to give encouragement to the delegation of GMU at the booth.


President He Zhixu is delivering a speech in the meeting.


President He Zhixu is singing agreements with KonYang University.



President He Zhixu is signing agreements with BELTEI University and exchanging gifts.

Attending this education exhibition is meaningful for GMU in recruiting international students from ASEAN countries. This exhibition will provide more opportunity for GMU to communicate with universities and high schools of those three countries and ensure the channels availablefor attracting high level talents from South Korea and recruiting international students from Cambodia and Vietnam.


Giving brief introduction to Cambodian students.

The 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week Study in China(Guizhou) Education Exhibition is one of crucial measures for the provincial commission and government which responds positively to the foreign policy of friendship towards neighboring countries. This education exhibition aims to publicize the status of development of Chinese high level education and facilitate the education work of international students especially those who are studying in Guizhou Province,and propel the internationalization of higher education of Guizhou Province in all-round manners.