Professor Peter J. Hylands of King’s College London Had a Visit in Guizhou Medical University (GMU)

During April 8th to April 14th, Professor Peter J.Hylands of King’s College London,  director of the department of pharmacy, president of the Institute of Pharmacy Science,  director of Natural Drugs Research Center, visiting professor of GMU, member of European Royal Society, Dr. Rongrong Chen, visiting professor of the Drug and Doping Test Center and the Forensic Medical Identification Center, and Mr.Song Yang, chairman of Jianbo Education Consultant Co.Ltd had a exchange visit in GMU at the invitation of the Ethnic Drug and Chinese Medicine Application Development Centers of Ministry of Education and Provincial Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutics in Guizhou Province.



In the April 12th afternoon, the interscholastic cooperation and talent development plan with King’s College London had been discussed friendly between the delegation headed by Professor Peter John Hylands and the following members of GMU, the president Mr. He Zhixu, the vice President Mr.Luo Peng, the director Fu Qihong of Division of International Relations, the director Wang Yonglin of the Pharmacy Department. After the meeting, they held an opening ceremony for “Guizhou Medical University- King’s College London Joint Laboratories for Pharmaceutical Sciences”.



During the visiting term, Professor Peter John Hylands had given brief guidance on the international technological cooperation programs on “The basic study on effecting materials of Relingqing Granule” and had an amicable negotiation with GMU on the working mechanism of “Joint Laboratory” and plans for  scientific research, reciprocal visiting, postgraduates and young teachers cultivation. Professor Peter John Hylands also visited our new campus, life Science and school history Museum, which gives us belief that it will strengthen bilateral friendship and lay the foundation for the international communication and cooperation between GMU and King’s College London.



Since 2013, GMU has had a good partnership in scholar exchange and science study with King’s College London, which can be seen from those events such as co-building “China-Britain Joint Laboratories for Pharmaceutical Sciences”, working together on international technological programs, making technological cooperation on traditional Chinese medicine effective basic materials and technology of modern quality control and holding several academic seminar successfully. We have sent three young technicians, Huang Yong, li Yueting and Zheng Lin as visiting scholars to King’s college London, which will boost technological and people-to-people exchanges and upgrade the level of Chinese medicine and national medicine research and develop research capacity of technicians of GMU.



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King's College London, a founding constituent college of the federal University of London and one of the most famous universities in Britain, was founded in 1829. King's College London is regarded as one of the world's leading multidisciplinary research universities ranked 19th in the world by the 2015/16 QS World University Rankings (ranked 4th in pharmacy Science).The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is gathering lots of famous experts and professors on pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, drug analysis, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. The institute is leading in the world in the studying of new drug preparation, systematic biology, network pharmacology and clinical pharmacology