Ph. D. Liu Zhen, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science Paid an Exchange Visit of "Chunhui Plan" of Ministry of Education PRC to GMU with his Fellows

In the afternoon of March 30th, led by Ph. D. Liu Zhen, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, professor Yu Fuxun and Ph. D. Li Taosheng of Nagasaki University, and Ph. D. Liu Yuqiong of Kyushu University Paid an Exchange Visit to GMU, discussing the "Chunhui Plan" carried out by the Ministry of Education PRC. The meeting was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the South Campus of GMU. Luo Peng, vice president of GMU attended and instructed the meeting, with the heads of Division of International Relations, Division of Science and Technology, School of Big Health, Key Laboratory of Stem Cells, School of Public Health, School of Basic Medical Sciences and other relevant departments, and some experts and scholars of some teaching and research sections participating in the exchange activities. The exchange meeting was presided over by Kang Yingqian, vice director of Division of International Relations.



In the meeting, Luo Peng introduced the general situation of GMU to the visiting experts before the overseas scholars of "Chunhui Plan" deteailed in their professional field respectively.



The participants of the secondary schools and the relevant teaching and research sections of GMU respectively reported the development of the construction of teacher teams, scientific research cooperation and exchange, and the direction of scientific research, etc. to the visiting experts. The both parities had an in-depth exchange in terms of the studies of stem cells and cancers, biodiversity, big health and big data exchange, and exchange training of teachers and students, etc. Luo Peng hoped each department of GMU to strengthen contact with the visiting scholars, and welcome more overseas experts to visit GMU frequently to deliver guidance and establish cooperation in the future, for the purpose of achieving practical results in the training of undergraduates and postgraduates, teaching research and exchange of teachers, etc.The meeting ended smoothly in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.
After the meeting, Ph. D. Liu Zhen visited the School of Public Health of GMU.



Presently, Liu is a professor of engineering and electronic informatics of the post graduate school of Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science; he is a doctoral tutor and Ph. D. of information science of Tohoku University.