GMU Held the 3rd Teachers' Congress and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 9th Union Congress

On March 23rd, GMU solemnly Held the 3rd Teachers' Congress and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 9th Union Congress in the auditorium of morality in south campus. Lin Changhu, GMU Party secretary addressed the two conferences and delivered important speech; and He Zhixu, vice Party secretary and GMU president delivered work report on behalf of GMU. Seated on the rostrum were GMU leaders of Lv Baoping, Luo Jun, Gao Yong, Luo Peng, Zhan Yong, Huang Yali and Ran Jiangzhou with members of the presidium, with about 217 participants inclusive of duty authorized representatives, specially invited delegatess and nonvoting delegates. The conferences were presided over by Zhan Yong, deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of GMU




Lin Changhu pointed out that union organizations at all levels and the vast majority of faculty and the medical staff should stand at a new starting point, giving priority to the task of building GMU into a high level medical university, adhering to the connotation development and unswervingly sticking to quality improvement ideas so as to make new and greater contributions to build a people-satisfied medical university, with crucial determination, responsible couragement and attitude, and practical working style.
Lin Changhu emphasized that delegates should fully perform their duties, being active, practical and realistic to listen to the work report, and being careful to review the various documents and ideas sumitted in the conferences, pooling wisdom and seeking for the development of GMU; delegates should have high sense of responsibility and mission, truly reflecting the major and copmmon concerns and issues of the faculty and the medical staff, and speaking out freely for GMU development motto. Secondly, we must, regarding the further implementation of the essence of the fourth Party congress of GMU as the main fulcrum and taking the "13th five-plan" of GMU as the blueprint, comprehensively and sustaintialy promote the connotation construction step. Thirdly, we must actively publicize the essence of the conferences, implementing and fulfilling the essence via our practical actions, guiding and encouraging faculty and the medical staff to boost their spirits, strengthen confidence and unite togather to strive for the gaol of making GMU "a high grade and first-class medical university in Western China with unique characteristics and prestige both at home and abroad."



He Zhixu delivered the work report on "Seizing opportunities, agglomerating mental efforts and gathering strength to promote the construction of high level medical university." The report says that in 2015, GMU closely focused on "connotation construction to build a high level medical university" and made remarkable achievements: (1) leaping development and three major breakthrough to open a new way for GMU; (2) deepened reform and quality oriented schooling to open a new situation for education work; (3) strengthened construction and active application to achieve a new growth in discipline construction; (4), internal and external cooperation with mutual win-win results to have promoted external cooperation to a new level; (5) introduction of talents and cultivation of backbone to have promoted talent training to a new level; (6) the platform establishing and scientific research to have made new breakthrough in science and technology innovation ;(7) strengthening of construction and improvement of quality to have made new achievements in social services; (8) increasing of income and reduction of expenditure to have laid a solid foundation for new development; and (9) upholding the Party spirit and optimizing the management to have composed a new chapter in administration and management.



The report stressed that 2016 is the start year of the implementation of the "13th five-plan" and is also the year of the "connotation construction and quality improvement" of GMU; we'll do our best to finish the following: (1) plan in advance and prepare for the five year development plan; (2) go all out to meet the undergraduate teaching evaluation; (3) prepare well for the professional certification of bachelor's degree program;(4) scientific layout for the qualified evaluation of the academic degree authorization; (5) strengthen the construction to strive for a new breakthrough in doctoral station construction; (6) build rules and regulations of schooling to continue regulation establishment; (7) increase investment to lay a solid foundation for the overall development of GMU; (8) scientifically plan and prepare setting up clinical teaching training centre; (9) seize opportunities to apply for national key laboratory; (10) analyse every situation and be leading in great health parmaceutical industy; (11) seek development and actively prepare setting up affiliated general hospital; (12) unity of knowledge and practice - earnestly implement the education of "two learnings and one doing"; (13) give priority to training to strengthen the construction of cadres quality; and (14) make overall arrangements, keeping campus security and stability, strengthening the talent team construction, deepening the objective management, strengthening foreign exchange, developing platform application, preparing overall planning of the old campus, strengthening propaganda, and expanding job of "3+1" model, etc.
Luo Jun, vice president of GMU made a explanation about the preparation of the "13th five-year plan of GMU". Tu Bo, former executive deputy director of the north campus management committee and director of innovation and industrial development department informed of the outsourcing work progress of the property management in north campus and families residential areas.
During the conferences, eight delegations held panal discussions. The delegates spoke freely on and in-depth discussed about the work report of GMU, the union work report of GMU, the financial work report of GMU and the "13th five year-plan of GMU (review draft)." Delegates thought that the reports had distinct themes and outstanding key points, practical and realistic, progressive and motivating. In the discussion, the delegates brought forward many positive and pertinent opinions and proposals in terms of "13th five-year plan of GMU", construction of teaching staff, personnel training and position management, which concentratedly reflected the concerns of the majority of faculty and the medical staff for the development of GMU. Delegations leaders reported what they had discussed to the presidium; and the conference secretariat will submit the opinions and proposals to GMU leadership after sorted out.



The conferences closing ceremony was presided over by He Zhixu. All resolutions were voted on by the conferences.
In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of the delegates to perform their duties to offer advice and suggestions, and further improve the work consciousness of the functional departments to voluntarily accept supervision and improve work style, the conferences, for the first time, carried out selecting and commending the "excellent proposal" and the "advanced proposal handling unit".
Zhan Yong, deputy Party secretary of GMU read the "dicision on commending the 'excellent proposal' and the 'advanced proposal handling unit' in the conferences 2015"; and Lin Changhu, Party secretary of GMU awarded certificates, bonuses and testimonials to the honoured individuals and units. The "excellent proposal" was "Establishement of classified management of teachers, and the relevant evaluation system" proposed by Zuo Li from the School of Basic Medicine, "Advice about the evaluation of staff workload and management" proposed by Yang Ying from the School of Nursing and "Advice about adjustment of class time in the new campus" proposed by Feng Jian from the School of Basic Medicine; and the "advanced proposal handling unit" was Division of Teachers, Division of Human Resources, Division of Educational Administration and Division of Logistics Service (Logistics Group).


The conferences accomplished all tasks successfully and concluded in the magnificent national anthem!