GMU Convened Conference on Initiating Evaluation of Undergraduate Education, Clinical Medical Professional Certification and Nursing Professional Certification

In the afternoon of March 22nd, GMU Convened Conference on Initiating  Evaluation of Undergraduate Education, Clinical Medical Professional Certification and Nursing Professional Certification ("One evaluation and two certifications" for short) on the six floor of Zhiyu Buidling for the purpose of the coming relevant evaluation and certifications conducted by the Ministry of Education. Lin Changhu, GMU Party secretary, Zhan Yong, deputy Party secretary and Huang Yali, vice president attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Wen Xiaojun, director of Division of Educational Administration of GMU, with participants from evaluation and certification office and the relevant functional departments.



Lin Changhu pointed out: how to strengthen connotation construction of GMU and how to implement enhancing the teaching quality of GMU are related to GMU's survival, which must be given high attention to. This year, GMU shall seize the opportunity to strive for enrolling undergraduates into the medical related professions from the candidates with the first-grade scores in University Entrance Examination, enhancing the level of undergraduate entrance quality; and at the same time in the process of the education and teaching reform, and personnel training, we'll adhere to quality-oriented connotative development, focusing on improving the quality of personnel training. He required everyone not to have a prospered and famed thought, but instead, to have an innovation consciousness, regarding the development goal of building GMU into a first-grade university with first-class disciplines as our own work and duties. "One evaluation and two certifications" in this year is an important work of GMU; we will spare no efforts to promote it, Lin hoped each section to unite and cooperate to complete the task in accordance with the requirements and with good mental state and practical working style, following the three guidelines for ethical behavior and the three basic rules of conduct so as to make new and greater contributions for making GMU "a high grade and first-class medical university in Western China with unique characteristics and prestige both at home and abroad."



Comrade Zhan Yong pointed out that the teaching evaluation is a difficult task, which needs us to study and understand the its requirements and seize this opportunity to actively promote GMU’s construction and combine GMU's reality to get the task well and practically done. He hoped everyone to follow the requirements of GMU to get ready, as soon as possible, to walk forward and win the tough battle.



Huang Yali asked for focusing on the instructions on "One evaluation and two certifications," combining them with the new concept of higher education, innovation of the teaching mode, and reform of teaching content and method, updating new ideas, preparing series of measures and getting them well done. At the same time, teachers, management cadres and laboratory personnels shall fulfil GMU's schooling orientation and training goal, following the schooling guiding ideology and delving into the modern teaching and medical concepts, so as to successfully accomplish the opening task in the first year of the 13th five plan with the spirit of solidarity of GMU.


Wen Xiaojun detailed the requirements for the construction of the professional certification of clinical medicine, requiring Schoolf of Clinical Medicine and School of Nursing to set up evaluation and construction offices, preparing the schedule of professional certification. Particularly, he stressed that School of Clinical Medicine is requried to strengthen the construction of professional certification. Jiang Hongmei, deputy director of the Division of Educational Administration of GMU, delivered an introduction aobut the evaluation and construction leading team of GMU and the corresponding institutions; Jiang also delivered a report on the overall arrangement of evaluation and construction of GMU. Feng Guangwei, deputy director of the Division of Educational Administration of GMU, delivered an arrangement for the basic teaching state database filling task, decomposing 70 forms of the database and assigning the responsible departments and the fillers; particularly, he streesed that the database is the basis for the evaluation and certification, and it is vitally important for its filling.