Leaders of Teaching Supervising Team of the State Council Paid Instruction Visit to GMU

On February 29th, Teaching Supervising Team of the State Council Paid Instruction Visit to GMU to carry out special inspection on the working condition of ours in the spring of 2016. The Team is comprised of GMU Wang Dinghu, director-general of the basic education department of Ministry of Education, Chen Ruiwu, deputy director of the supervision department of Ministry of Education and Chen Dongsheng, chief of school administration division of the basic education department of ministry of education. Li Jiyong, deputy director of Guizhou provincial education department and Huang Lin, director of the supervising office of the provincial education accompanied the visit, with the participantes of GMU leaders of Lin Chnghu, Hezhixu, Liu Xingde, Luo Jun, Gao Yong, Zhan Yong, Huang Yali and Ran Jiangzhou as well as leaders of the functionl departments and divisions of GMU.



In inspection, the Team observed the teaching buildings, laboratories, student canteens, dormitories and campus transportation, carrying out a comprehensive checking on the guaranty conditions for the spring semester, standardized acts of school running, campus safety management, school bus safety management, building safety management and food safety management, listening to the report of Lin Changhu and He Zhixu on the preparations for the start of the spring semester and the report on talent training, discipline construction, scientific research, teaching staff construction and the development of GMU in the recent years; and the team also inquired the difficulties in school running. Everywhere, the leaders of the team all listened to the reports from the relevant GMU leaders with care and had cordial conversation with teachers and students to learn the detail of their work, study and life.



The team conffirmed what we have done for the preparation for the spring semester, and the cross development of ours during the twelfth five-year plan, and they put forward opinions and suggestions for our security work, encouraging us to pay continual efforts to our further work on the premise of security and stability, strengthening the campus management so as to create a good learning environment for students and keeping strengthening students' ideological quality moral standards and the teaching quality simultaneously, strengthening quality resource integration, continuing to deepen reform of comprehensive education and accelerating the process of education modernization.