Sun Zhigang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Guizhou Province and Acting Governor of GuiZhou Province Paid Research Visit to GMU

On December 26th, Sun Zhigang, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Guizhou Province and acting governor of GuiZhou Province paid research visit to GMU with respect of scientific and technological innovation, and personnel training. Sun Zhigang was accompanied by Tang Dezhi, secretary general of Guizhou provincial government, Xia Yiqing, director and Party secretary of Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guizhou Province, Wang Fengyou, director and Party secretary of Education Department of Guizhou Province, Liao Fei, Party secretary and director of Science and Technology Department of Guizhou Province and director of Intellectual Property Office of Guizhou Province, and other responsible comrades of relevant departments. Lin Changhu, GMU Party secretary and He Zhixu, GMU president with GMU leadership members, met the arrival of the leaders.

Sun Zhigang came to School of Public Health of GMU. After hearing the reports of Lin Changhu and He Zhixu about the talent training, discipline construction, scientific research and the development of GMU, Sun Zhigang fully affirmed the achievements of GMU for the construction of the new campus and the development of GMU. Sun Chengyi, vice president of GMU and Professor Zeng Zhu reported on the development of big health of GMU; Professor Wang Yonglin introduced the modern scientific and technological achievements in traditional Chinese medicine, and Professor Wu Weijian explained, in detail, the insect resources industry research and achievement promotion. Sun Zhigang listened to the reports carefully and held a cordial conversation with GMU leaders and researchers; Sun encouraged the scientific research personnels to seize the opportunity to strive to achieve a breakthrough in technology innovation and technological transformation by down-to-earth and more practical working.

Afterwards, Sun Zhigang inspected the key laboratory of environmental pollution and disease of Ministry of Education, PRC, and the national experimental teaching demonstration centre of public health. While visiting the research facilities and the teaching training environment, Sun asked about the employment direction, disciplinary settings, teaching staff and teaching mode etc. Professor Zhang Aihua made an introduction about the achievements in the public health and their practical transformation and application. Sun Zhignag appreciated GMU's scientific achievements and pointed out that the public health is an important guarantee for the rapid and steady development of economy and is also an important part of the cause of big health. Sun required us to strengthen disciplinary construction, make full use of our professional advantages to train professionals, providing better technology and intellectual support and talent guarantee for the medical cause of Guizhou. He encouraged the teachers and students to look for research subjects in the grassroots, make full use of professional advantages of GMU, focus on research and innovation, increase scientific research achievement transformation, and open the channel from the course achievements into practical productive forces, offering ideas and suggestions, and making contributions for building new industrial system of Guizhou and promoting economic transformation and upgrading. He stressed that as the centre of provincial high-end talents and the rich region of innovation resources, colleges and universities are the main force for the innovation of science and technology, which are required to concentrate on scientific and technological researches, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements so as to play a great role in the main battlefield of economic construction, effectively assuming the historical and times mission to promote Guizhou to straighten the bending roads and catch up with and surpass the developing.