Professor Zhong Binglin of Beijing Normal University Delivered Special Lecture in GMU

In the afternoon of December 24th, Professor Zhong Binglin, former president of Beijing Normal University delivered a special lecture on "university connotation development and quality construction" in Moral Hall of GMU.  GMU leaders of Lin Changhu. He Zhixu, Lv Baoping, Gao Yong, Zhan Yong, Huang Yali and Ran Jiangzhou attended the lecture with more than 400 representatives of teachers and students; the lecture was presided over by He Zhixu, deputy secretary and president of GMU.

Professor Zhong Binglin made an overall analysis of the development of higher education in China and put forward some ideas for the development of construction of colleges and universities under the new situation. Firstly, Professor Zhong's ideas were aimed at the pressures and challenges in face of the Chinese higher education; his solutions were based upon the new transformation on development of colleges and universities, social economy, science and technology, culture and education, and internationalized education. Then, Zhong explored how to persist in the connotation development; he specified in how to scientifically and accurately position a higher education institute, how to adapt to the development of social economy in reform and adjustment with respect of personnel training mode, how to strengthen the construction of human resources, how to explore the innovation of system and mechanism and how to build university culture for the development of colleges and universities.

He Zhixu warmly welcome Professor Zhong Binglin's arrival and sincerely appreciated his wonderful lecture. He pointed out that Professor Zhong explained, in simple terms, how to strengthen the connotation construction of colleges and universities and how to improve the teaching quality from the perspective of national development strategy and by combining with Beijing Normal University, which  follows the higher education development goal proposed by 18th CPC National Congress, and provides a good reference for us to develop the 13th five-year plan of GMU and make GMU a first-class university with first-class disciplines, and pointed out the direction for our development. He called on teachers and students to overcome the adverse factors of the geographical environment, improve the quality of personnel training, strengthen the construction of key laboratories, concentrate our efforts on characteristics, optimizing medical sciences, strengthening natural sciences, and characterizing social sciences. At the same time, he said that we'll well construct GMU in the supports of Ministry of Education, China Education Association, Beijing Normal University and other superior departments as well as the brother colleges and universities.

After listening to the lecture, the participants were deeply inspired and benefited a lot from the lecture; they expressed to combine what they got with their future work and make more explorations and trails, closely combining the new ideas with the practical schooling and really promoting the connotation development and quality improvement of GMU.

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