Centre for Documentation and Information of CAS Signed Cooperation Agreement on Literature Information Service with GMU

In the afternoon of December 8th, signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed between Centre for Documentation and Information of CAS and GMU in conference room No. 1 of the Centre for Documentation and Information of CAS, Beijing. Huang Xiang-yang, director of the Centre presided over the signing ceremony. Lin Chang-hu, Party secretary of GMU and He Zhixu, deputy Party secretary and president of GMU attended and witness the signing ceremony. The agreement was signed by Liu Xiwen, vice deputy of the Centre on behalf of the Centre and Huang Yali, vce president of GMU on behalf of GMU. Paricipants of the ceremony were inclusive of Jia Ping, director of the Center, Sun yuling, vice director of the Centre and Li Jie, sublibrarian of GMU Library and Zhu Zhuxia, director of the Center for Medical Information of GMU, etc.




Lin Chang-hu, on behalf of GMU, delivered a speech to appreciate the support from the Centre for Documentation and Information of CAS; he hopes the two parties to go forward hand in hand for a common and mutual and win-win development in the future cooperation. Lin pointed out GMU is an unit managed by key laboratory of natural chemicals, CAS in Guizhou Province; the key laboratory is a research institution jointly set up by CAS and Guizhou Province, which is a common basis for the cooperation.  The Centre is a state-level scientific information institution to support science and technology independent innovation, serve for the national innovation system and promote scientific and culture communication. It has a wealth of literature resources and a high level of information service personnels. GMU Library, as a main medical information supplier in Guizhou, is only a third level medical information centre; with the support from the Centre, we are sure to be on a new platform in information service supplying.
He Zhixu, made an introduction of GMU's basic situation with respect of GMU history, discipline construction, scientific research power and personnels etc., and at the same time, he made a detailed description of the development of GMU Library, and introduced the new development goals put forward by the fourth party congress of GMU. He hoped that GMU, through the cooperation with the Centre, would further improve the information service for teaching and scientific research, accelerating the pace to building GMU a high level medical university.



In the ceremony, the two parties reached a consensus on cooperation content and mechanism and so on. The both parties will plan a common development, promoting the cooperation in respect of literature resource construction, information service personnel training, and information supplying service, etc. A long-term strategic partnership was established between the Centre and GMU according to the agreement. The both partied will carry out comprehensive and deepened cooperation, giving full play to their own comparative advantages, innovating cooperation mechanism, broadening cooperation field and enhancing cooperation level, so as to construct a win-win and new development pattern for the Centre and GMU. We'll strive, by the end of the "13th five-year plan", for highlighting the role for the Centre to support Guizhou science and technology self-independent innovation system, serving for the national innovation system and promoting science and culture communication. Literature resource service and science and technology innovation cooperation system will be basically established to form long-term cooperation mechanism, further improving GMU Library service conditions, digitalized information resources and servicing system, and promoting GMU Library to be a ministry-levelled medical information searching station so as to support the comprehensively balanced and sustainable development of Guizhou economy and society.


After the ceremony, participants of GMU visited Centre for Documentation and Information of CAS.