Professor Barry Marshall, Nobel Prize Winner Visited GMU

In November 24th, Professor Barry Marshall, Nobel Prize Winner of physiology or medicine 2005 was invited to visit GMU for academic exchange. During his visit, he was appointed to be a visiting professor of GMU and a visiting academician of Affiliated Hospital of GMU.




In the morning, the academic exchange was carried out in the clinic research centre of Affiliated Hospital, Professor Lin Changhu, Party secretary of GMU attended the exchange meeting with Professor Liu Xingde, deputy Party secretary of GMU and secretary of Affiliated Hospital, Professor Liu Jian, deputy president of GMU and dean of Affiliated Hospital, and director Kong Xianglong of United Front Work Department CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, with participants of responsible personnels of the relevant departments and divisions of GMU; the meeting was presided over by Liu Xingde.



Lin Changhu addressed the meeting and expressed, on behalf of GMU, a warm welcome to the arrival of Professor Barry Marshall. He said that we are very lucky to have invited distinguished Professor Marshall to pay a visit to GMU and to be appointed as a visiting professor at GMU; academician Marshall's participation in GMU with his team will inject a strong dynamic force into the long-term development of GMU and its affiliated hospital. At present, GMU is in a critical period of strengthening the university construction; School of Great Health and "GMU Cloud" construction were just started, we are hoping to work with Professor Barry Marshall and his team to carry out substantive cooperation in the fields of digestive diseases, infectious diseases research, and actively expand foreign exchanges, cultivating a group of medical professionals with international vision and advanced technology and providing a majority of patients with international advanced level of medical services, so as to make greater contribution for the development of Guizhou pharmaceutical and health care industry!



Liu Jian made a speech on behalf of Affiliated Hospital, hoping to further strengthen communication and cooperation with Professor Marshall in academic innovation and student training, etc., providing patients with international standards of specialized and personalized medical services. He believes that we will have fruitful results in digestive disease research in cooperation with Marshall's team in the near future!



Lin Changhu, on behalf of GMU, presented Professor Marshall with handicrafts with characteristics of Guizhou and Professor Marshall accepted them with pleasure and excitement. Marshall appreciated Guizhou provincial government for supporting and assisting his medical research. He was very impressed by the international laboratory equipment and high level of experimental personnel equipped in the Clinical Research Centre of Affiliated Hospital of GMU. He hopes that his research team could establish a stable cooperation and exchange mechanism with GMU and its affiliated hospital, making a full use of the platform, equipment and human resources to set up a cooperative lab as a platform of learning exchange, academic exchange and joint training of talents, so as jointly to promote the development of Guizhou's health care industry.



In the afternoon, accompanied by Lin Changhu and Lv Baoping, Professor Barry Marshall came to the south campus of GMU to visit the national experimental teaching demonstration centre, cultural exhibition centre and key laboratory of GMU.

In School of Public Health, Professor Barry Marshall visited the national experimental teaching demonstration centre and Key Laboratory.



In life sciences museum, Professor Barry Marshall carefully watched every specimen, and came to the wall of "Nobel prize winners in physiology or medicine" and took photo with his own picture.



In GMU history museum, Professor Barry Marshall listened to the introduction of GMU history carefully, showing especial interest in the medical teaching and experimental equipments displayed and taking pictures of them and signing in the guest book as a souvenir to express his heartfelt wishes for GMU.



In the laboratory of basic medicines, Professor Barry Marshall gave at-site technical instructions to the teachers and students of GMU.



It was learnt that Barry Marshall (Marshall J. Barry) is an Australian scientist. Since the eighties of last century, he began to carry out research of gastritis and Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacterpylori, Hp) with Robin Warren (J. Robin Warren) and found its roles in gastritis and gastric ulcers and other diseases. This discovery, which broke up the wrong popular understanding of the pathogenesis of gastritis and peptic ulcer, was thus known as a milestone in the field of the study of digestive diseases Professor Marshall was awarded Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine 2005, and was named as a foreign academician of CAE 2011. Nobel Foundation's survey statistics shows that Professor Marshall is ranked the second in the top ten most popular Nobel Prize winners.