Strengthening the Connotation Construction and Teaching Management to Improve the Teaching Quality of Undergraduates-Teaching Meeting 2015 Held in GMU

On November 4th, the Teaching Meeting 2015 was Held in the sixth floor of Zhi Yu Building in GMU; the meeting focused on "Strengthening the Connotation Construction and Teaching Management to Improve the Teaching Quality of Undergraduates" so as to lay a solid foundation for the undergraduate teaching assessment and clinical medicine and nursing professional certification in the next year. Party Secretary Lin Changhu and vice president Luo Jun attended the meeting. Wen Xiaojun, director of  Division of Educational Administration presided over the meeting, with participants of presidents (directors), teaching-assistant president and members of Division of Educational Administration.



Lin Changhu pointed out that the teaching is the core working of GMU, and the teaching quality is the lifeline and the foundation for the establishment and development of GMU. To strengthen the Connotation Construction and Teaching Management to improve the overall teaching quality, the following aspects are required: 1) to fully understand that the training of qualified personnel is the basic requirements and training high level talent is the priority for GMU. We should take the opportunity of the successful renaming of GMU to focus on personnel training and strengthening the connotation construction to improve the teaching quality. 2) System construction and standardization management are an important way to a high level of medical university, and the system and management are the political disciplines and political rules of education and teaching. High level medical university is qualitatively characterized to make an overall enhancement of the GMU team as a support platform, requiring teachers and administrative staff to dedicate much in their posts, respect and care for students, pay attention to rigorous scholarship, unity and cooperation, and be a paragon of virtue and learning. 3) The leadership of the various offices and departments, as the backbone of the teaching management, should recognize that the teaching management is the basic guarantee for GMU, and they are required to set an example and take the lead role so as to lead their teams to achieve the goal of the construction of GMU; making a high level medical university requires collaborate efforts. Lin Changhu put forward the requirements for the undergraduate teaching assessment and professional certification, requiring the Party and administration of GMU should give them great important consideration, raising awareness, uniting the thinking and establishing relevant organizations. Each unit of GMU should put this work as a focus to meet the challenges with a high degree of responsibility and full of confidence.



Luo Jun put forward the requirements for the jobs in the next two years, pointing that the undergraduate teaching audit assessment by Ministry of Education and clinical medical professional certification and nursing professional certification work are formidable tasks after successful renaming, which require the whole strength of GMU to work together and struggle together, trying to find deficiencies, clarifying rectification measures, broadening the train of thought, correcting the shortcomings and concentrating on teaching work. The leadership of the teaching unit is required to abide by labour discipline and teaching regulations, sticking to the post and stabilizing the teaching order. Luo also requires to make an effective use of the central support fund 2012-2015, and take time to finish the construction jobs.



Wen Xiaojun introduced the background of the meeting. Since the successful renaming, we have been required to strengthen the connotation construction, improve the personnel training system, establish rules and regulations, strengthen the construction of quality assurance system and improve the teaching quality; in 2016, the undergraduate teaching evaluation and clinical medicine and nursing professional certification will be carried out in GMU, requring us to lay a solid foundation for the relevant jobs; many new problems are appearing because of school running in the new and old campuses. Thus, Teaching Meeting 2015 is held for the purpose of strengthening the constructions in schools (departments and divisions) and teaching and researching teams, enforcing teaching disciplines, strengthening teachers' responsibility consciousness, so as to lay a solid foundation for for the next year's  undergraduate teaching assessment and professional certification work by Ministry of Education. The meeting will establish 2015 as the first year of the professional training program (teaching plan and syllabus) of GMU, which requires the teaching to focus on the overall objectives and orientation of GMU to develop the professional training program with the characteristics of its advantages of professional disciplines.

Feng Guangwei, deputy director of director of  Division of Educational Administration, details the examinationf of the teaching work of the first semester 2015-2016 and the clinical teaching competition; and he also delivered requirements and deployments for selecting the responsible members of the excellent doctor class and its curriculum, and for writing its teaching plan and syllabus. Deputy director Tu Bo made explanation about the  implementation of,the open laboratories in GMU, encouraging all laboratories to actively carry out laboratory opening work, increase the proportion of the comprehensive, design and innovative experiments in the experimental and teaching jobs, making effective use of laboratory resources to give a full play to the role of personnel training and improve the experimental and teaching level. Deputy director Jiang Hongmei detailed the work carried out by the Clinical Teaching Committee of GMU Teaching Guidance Committee on the constitution and the relevant contents; and she also deployed the work about project concluding of education reform in the upcoming 2013,  undergraduate teaching project mid-term examination 2015 and undergraduate teaching project application 2015, requiring the teaching unit to actively organize the work and carrying out self-examination and application.