GMU Held Conference on Summarising the Application Work of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 2015 and Initiating the Application Work of NSFC 2016

GMU Held Conference on Summarising the Application Work of NSFC 2015 and initiating the Application Work of NSFC 2016 in the afternoon of October 16th in the conference room of No.2 Building in North Campus of GMU, for further improving the application work of NSFC and better mobilizing the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel. Professor He Zhixu attended conference and delivered mobilization speech on project application for NSFC 2016; the conference was presided over by Professor Luo Peng, vice president of GMU, with about 300 participants inclusive of GMU responsible leaders and the main leaders from the second-level schools and colleges (departments and sections), affiliated hospitals, key laboratories and engineering centres, teaching and research management organs, and Division of Science and Technology.



In his speech, He Zhixu pointed out that we should fully realize the importance of scientific research and regard the project application for NSFC as an important opportunity for our own growth; in particular, GMU, after the successful renaming, should play a leading and exemplary role in Guizhou medical sciences. Meanwhile, He pointed out: 1) more doctoral students of GMU applied for NSFC, but fewer succeed; 2) un-balanced development lied between schools and departments of GMU; 3) potentiality remained in project application quantity and quality; and 4) Affiliated Hospital is of great potentiality, and it is required to enhance its ability of scientific research. He suggested the new doctors to make full use of GMU's platforms and integrate with the existing scientific research directions and teams, and seek more advices from experienced teachers; and particularly, to take advantage of the doctoral fellowship to carry out extensive academic exchanges. He required the second-level schools to launch detailed deployment of the basic work of the country, earlier get ready and earlier initiate; he hoped more projects would be supported by NSFC in 2016, especially the projects of young doctors’.


Guo Bing, director of Division of Science and Technology summarized the application work of NSFC 2016. Guo notified the general information about project application 2015, detailing a comprehensive and in-depth analysis on the results of NSFC supported projects of GMU, by combining with the past 3-year project application data. At the same time, Guo also pointed out the problems and current situations of GMU's fund work, and the gap between GMU and the similar universities and colleges. He made explanation on GMU's working plan and the measures of NSFC 2016, and deployed the project application for NFSC in 2016.

Professor Huang Hai, vice president of of School of Medical Examination of GMU, delivered a subject report on "Attentions on review process and writing of the project application form of NSFC”, as a reviewer of NSFC in 2016, analysing the result of reviewing GMU's projects of NSFC, summarising the common problems in reviewing the project application and detailing the noted attentions. He suggested the applicants to read the fund application guide carefully, improving the abstract of the application paper and using direct results instead of indirect results, etc.