Dr. TECK of University of London Came to GMU for Academic Research and Exchanges

From  August 26th to September10th, Dr. TECK, expert of Head and Neck Cancer from Queen Mary, University of London Came to GMU for Academic  Research and Exchanges. This is the successive cooperation and lab instruction conducted by QMUL after the signing ceremony of cooperation between QMUL and of School of Stomatology of GMU as well as the signing ceremony of CBJMHNCR (Sino-Britain Joint Molecular Head and Neck Cancer Research Laboratory) in 2014.


Dr. TECK not only conducted a study on the lab diagnosis of head and neck cancer in CBJMHNCR, but also delivered a wonderful academic lecture on Clinic Translation in Biomarker Research to postgraduates of School of Stomatology of GMU in August 31st, detailing how to translate basic research into clinical application for about 30 attendees of postgraduates and young teachers from School of Stomatology and Cancer Hospital of GMU.

In September 1st in the south campus of GMU, Dr. TECK gave an introduction about University of London to the  undergraduate students of School of Stomatology of GMU, encouraging them to study hard and actively improve their English level to pursue a master's and doctoral degrees in University of London.    


  In addition to completing a nearly half-month study on the specimens of head and neck cancers in GMU, Dr. TECK has successfully completed an early molecular diagnosis research on nasopharyngeal carcinoma specimen. Postgraduates of School of Stomatology of GMU participated in the experimental researches and thus have mastered the relevant research techniques and methods. Dr. Teck's re-coming this time is of tangible significance for the cooperation between QMUL and GMU, and also brings a gospel for head and neck cancer patients and nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients of Guizhou.