Kong Lingzhong, Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Guizhou Province Paid Investigation Visit to GMU

On May 25th, Kong Lingzhong, Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Guizhou Province with his fellows, accompanied by GMU leaders of He Zhixu, Luo Jun, Gao Yong, Luo Peng, Zhan Yong and Huang Yali, and other responsible members from General Office, Division of Science, School of Public Health, School of Pharmacy and Key Molecular Laboratory, Paid Investigation Visit to GMU in respect of "Transformation of Scientific Results in research institutes of Guizhou Provincial universities and colleges.




Mr. He Zhixu, on behalf of GMU, appreciated Vice Chairman Kong Lingzhong and his fellows' visit to GMU, and reported on the construction of GMU's new campus, construction of scientific platform, efficient investment, transformation and management of scientific results and so forth.




Kong Lingzhong, with the investigation team, visited  National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center——Public Health Experimental Teaching Center,Environmental Pollution and Diseases Monitoring Key Laboratory under Ministry of Education and Cultural Exhibition Hall. Responsible members from Division of Science and School of Public Health also delivered practical reports separately.