Mr. Huo Jiankang Visits New Campus of GMU

Novemeber 12th, Mr. Huo Jiankang, Director of Department of Education of Guizhou, visited our new campus, accompanied by Mr. Zhao Mingren, Secretary of CPCC of GMU, Mr. Lv Baoping, Deputy-Secretary of CPCC of GMU and Mr. Liu Xinde, Vice-President of GMU.

On behalf of GMU, Mr. Zhao Mingren expressed warm welcome to Mr. Huo and introduced the construction process of the new campus. Mr. Huo carefully examined the infrastructure of the new campus and offered some fine suggestions about the construction program. Mr. Huo was deeply concerned about the facilities concerning students’ daily life, including water heating system, transportation, recreational facilities and canteen. In the end, Mr. Huo was very satisfied about the construction and management of the new campus; he also required the school to speed up the completion of infrastructure construction and improve teaching facilities to assess teaching in the new campus.