GMU Initiated“Outstanding Doctor Teaching Reform Class” in Clinical Medicine Major in Undergraduate Level

To implement the spirit of On the Comprehensive Reform of Clinical Medical Education jointly issued by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, Guiyang Medical University launched the Outstanding Doctor Teaching Reform Class program in 2012. This is an important initiative to undergraduate education reform in GMU.


In accordance with the principle of “just, fair, open, and voluntary”, the candidate selection was carried out among science students. One thousand and fifty-five freshmen filled the application form on October 6 and 7. Among them three hundred were picked out to sit for the selection tests on their English proficiency and mental health based on their English performance in College Entrance Examination(CEE) and the total score of CEE on October 9. One hundred and fifty students out of the three hundred were singled out for interview about their comprehensive quality. Finally fifty students outran their classmates and enrolled in the Outstanding Doctor Teaching Reform Class Program.


In addition to the normal curriculum for medical students, experienced teachers with high academic achievements in GMU and other medical universities were recruited as supervisors to guide students in this program in their study, practice and research.  Domestic and international experts will be invited to give lectures to the students on designated topics. Medical ethics education will be included in the curriculum to guarantee the mental health and professionalism of the students. Reform in curriculum design will be a unique feature of the program.