President He Zhixu Attended West Lake Forum

On November 17th and 18th, President He Zhixu led a delegation consisting of Fu Qihong, Director of International Relations, Guo Bing, Deputy-Director of General Office, Wen Xiaojun, Deputy-Director of Division of Teaching Affairs Administration to attend the Forth West Lake Forum with the topic of Enhancing China’s Academic Health System (AHS). The Forum was jointly-hosted by Fudan University, Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, Zhejiang University and China Medical Board (CMB). Furthermore, the forum was privileged to enjoy the presence of Shen Xiaoming, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Academician Ba Denian and Shi Pengjian, Director of Higher Education of Ministry of Education.


Since the first West Lake Forum with the topic of Health Care Equality and Security System which was jointly hosted in Hanzhou of Zhejiang Province by Zhejiang University School of Medicine and China Medical Board, this Forum was shaped into a high-end and non-profit brand name. The Second Forum topic was 2020 Healthy China: Polity and Actions and the following one was Healthcare Reform in China and the U.S.: Comparisons and Challenges. The current Forum topic coincides with the needs of the era when China is deepening public hospital reform and the tertiary education system is reviewing the merging of medical university and comprehensive university.

Guiyang Medical University was officially listed as a member university of Western China Rural Health Network in 2009, and was immediately granted 249 thousand US dollars for program fund. In this 4th  West Lake Forum, President He Zhixu stressed on the issue of solutions to the combination of campus education and clinical education. During the forum, President He Zhixu exchanged ideals and views with Chen Zhihe, Chairman of CMB, Professor Tom Inui of Harvard University and Board Member of CMB,  Professor Jane Henney, Deputy President University of Cincinnati, and Xu Dong, Director of CMB Beijing Office.


AHS originated from Academic Medicine (AM), the latter focuses on the integration of education, research and service (health care). The carrier of Academic Medicine is teaching and research oriented health care center, i.e. Academic Health Center (AHC). Academic Health system is further developed to promote research, education and health care level on the basis of Academic Health Center (AHC).