GMU Receive Another Visit from Tarrant County College

On September 27th, 2012, our university joyfully receives another visit from Tarrant County College (T.C.C.) from the U.S. The delegation was led by Professor. Larry Darlage, President of Northeast Campus of T.C.C., followed by Mark McClendon, Vice Chancellor for Finance, Sheryl Harris, Director of Program Development and International Initiatives, Professor John Hiser of Trinity River Campus, and translator Vivian Lu. Professor Guan Zhizhong, Vice-President of GMU warmly welcome the delegation on behalf of GMU.

In the morning, the delegation visited the campus and Intensive Care Unit and Hybrid Operation Room of the Affiliated Hospital of GMU. In the afternoon, Fu Qihong, Director of International Office hosted the discussion with the presence of Professor Guan Zhizhong.

T.C.C. brought with them 7 detailed program which they would like to cooperate with us, which primarily focus on short term teachers and students exchange, language center which would adapt teachers and students to the local life, the application of distance learning, and curriculum settings of cooperative programs. Professor Guan made essential planning suggestions on future cooperation aspect and range. The discussion was also joined by leaders and teaching staff from School of Basic Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, Department of College Foreign Language Teaching and the Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine.

Li Yaling, Dean of School of Nursing carried out specific discussion with the delegation concerning teachers and students exchange, and the discussion shed light on the application of International Nurse major and its future curriculum setting. The delegation expressed that they would formulate relevant documents and plans to sign contract with GMU and implement these potential programs as soon as possible.