GMU Successfully Hosted the Medical Education Forum

The 5th China-ASEAN Cooperation Week Medical Education Forum was held successfully.

With geographic proximity and cultural similarity, China and ASEAN countries share common interests in various aspects and people of both parties have long history of friendship. Since 2008, China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Weeks have been successfully held consecutively for four yerasin the purpose of enhancing understanding and friendship andpromoting pragmatic cooperation in the field of education and exploring new ways of cooperation.

The 5th China-ASEAN Cooperation Week was held from September 16th to 20th, hosted by the Ministry of Education and Guizhou People’s Government. As one of the major component, Medical Education Forum was hosted by our university with the support of the Department of Education of Guizhou Province. This Forum aimed at establishing a China- ASEAN medical education platform to provide opportunity for educational and health care professionals to and learn from and understand each other, to share teaching experience and research findings, and to explore complementary possibilities between modern medical education trend and health care service.

At 8:30 sharp, September 18th, Medical Education Forum was officially launched. On behalf of the university, Professor He Zhixu, president of GMU, warmly welcome guests from Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. Furthermore, we were also privileged to be joined with Mr. Zuo Dingchao, Vice-chairman of Guizhou Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Mr. Zong Wa,Vice-Secretary General of Chinese Education Association for International Exchange; Mr. Zhao Tinnchang, Deputy-Director General of    Department of Education of Guizhou Province; Mr. Song Yufeng, Deputy-Director General of Department of Health of Guizhou Province and Professor. Zhao Mingren, Secretary of Party Committee of Guiyang Medical University. Vice-President Professor Guan Zhizhong did the honor of hosting the opening ceremony, accompanied with professors from School of Basic Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, School of Public Health, and School of Pharmacy.  

Keynote-speakers lectured on the latest development of medical education, public health education and nursing, which enlightened us that it is a universal phenomenon that despite the differences in medical education, the ultimate goal and core of it targets on cultivating competent medical professionals which adapt to local needs. 

Another special feature of this forum is multi-layer and trans-discipline. Vice-President Guan Zhizhong illustrate the topic of deepening medical education innovation, facing challenges of health care service with examples of our university; Health Science Center of Peking University brought us the cutting edge report of the Chinese medical education development; Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine explained possible routes of combining western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine; Ningbo College of Health Sciences shared with us their innovative experience in cultivating health care talents. In addition, we enjoyed experience sharing of cultivating junior health care talents from University of Community Health, Myanmar and Guiyang Nursing Vocational College. 

Professor. Zhao Mingren, Chairman of Board of GMU made conclusion speech in the closing ceremony on behalf of t GMU, and promised future exchange between GMU and ASEAN countries.