American Librarians and information science delegation visits

    Coordinated by Division of Internal Relations of our school, the library and informational science delegation organized by People to People Ambassador Programs(PTP Programs) met our school librarians on the morning of September 30, exchanging opinions on the challenges faced by Chinese libraries, the professional development of librarians, the application & popularity of information technology in college libraries, library services, and resources evaluation, etc.

    Each year PTP programs organize exchange activities in the fields of science, culture, and technology, with joint efforts from more than 80 government agencies, specialized organizations, universities, and other institutions. With Dr. Camilla Alire, the honorary chief librarian for Colorado State University Library, as the leader, this 20-person delegation consists of librarians from the U.S. National library of Medicine and library-related specialists from other regions and fields other than medicine.
Zhang Xin, the director of our school library gave a brief introduction to the history and latest development of the library, including the progress in digitalization construction and providing quality services to the students. Experts from both sides had a quite heated discussion over the development of digitalized library and library resources construction, etc.
 Both sides exchanges their views on establishing a long-term communication mechanism and expressed willingness to form a long-term link. The leader of the delegation vowed to strengthen the exchange with our library, focusing on establishing a resources-sharing mechanism, exploring the channels for medical books donation, staff exchange, and mutual contribution of featured literature.

    The whole exchange activity went go in a friendly and light atmosphere. Common working concepts and service principle bring together the experts and scholars from both sides. The exchange activity definitely built a friendship bridge for both the staff and students to learn about the success of American library development and widen academic visions.